A Quick Guide to Identify 1962-74 Chevy II/Novas

This iconic Chevrolet model had two names. Most simply umbrella label all generation as a Chevy Nova, but for the first 7 years of this cars existence it was known has the Chevy II. The Nova name was included only on the car has a top trim package from 1962 to 1968.

In 1969 Chevrolet decided to ditch the Chevy II nameplate and now just call the car the Chevy Nova. In 1969 technically the first year of the Chevy Nova GM gave it the 5.7 Litre 350 cubic inch small block v8 which was ran with a four-barrel carburetor and standard front disc brakes.

Check out this quick guide below and get to know the Chevy II/Nova here if you don't already know it.


1962 to 1974 Chevy II/Nova Quick Identify Guide


Quick Guide to 62-74 Chevy II/Nova


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