Why are LS Engines So Good & Popular?

You've probably heard the term 100x, "I wanna do an LS swap". Well there is many reasons why the LS has become an reliable legend in the performance world. Tom Nelson from Nelson Racing Engines explains why the GM LS motor is so reliable and a popular for hot rodders today. Tom has been building engines professionally since 1995 and is well known for building some wicked street driven turbo engines producing well over 2,000 horsepower.

They're Light, Cheap and Make Power!

Anyone looking for an LS swap can easily attain a used motor from the junkyard for just a few hundred bucks. With just basic modifications such as heads and cam producing 600 horsepower is not out of the question for most. "LS is the hottest engine in the world right now". One of the biggest pros of the LS is the cylinder heads. Stock they flow very well, most of them stock flow better than a pair of $1,500 heads you can find for a gen 1 small block. Another one of the biggest key points with the LS is the 6 bolt main caps. How often have you heard hot rodders make a big deal about finding a 4 bolt main 350? Well thats because they hold together better and the LS is made with 6 from the factory along with the "Y" architecture of the block which adds to the rigidity in the main cap making it stronger. 

Check out the video below of Tom Nelson from NRE explaining why the LS Engine is so good and ways you can modify the blocks to improve power and reliability even more.

Why Are LS Engines So Good? Video


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